The People First was founded in 2018 by a group of social-democrat activists participating in political parties, trade unions and youth movements. The combined experience of those activists led to the understanding that the existing organizations have a difficulty mobilizing those outside their direct influence. This realization led to the decision to create a non-profit organization concerned with political education and training, in theory and in practice, in order to reach a wider audience.
The organization focuses on several courses of action:

  • Political and social training for Jewish and Palestinian youth leaders, in an effort to create the next generation of social-democratic leaders. Visit the project page
  • Political training courses regarding the climate crisis. Understanding that the climate crisis is the next big existential threat facing us, there is an utmost importance in educating and nurturing the activists who will lead Israel on this issue in decades to come. The courses are led by Uri Ansenberg, PhD., an expert on city management and planning with experience in political training of environmental and climate activists in Israel and in the UK. Visit the project page
  • Creating and organizing regional support networks as part of the Israeli Solidarity project. The efforts are part of the organization's attempts to create effective means of support during the Covid-19 epidemic. Visit the project page

In accordance with the organization’s vision, we strive to grow and develop constantly, adding further areas of action and training. In light of this fact, we promote cooperation with many organizations and assist political and social groups active across the country on numerous issues.

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